Video conference room acoustic panels

Audio-Visual and Video-Conference Room Acoustics

Video Conference Room Acoustics in meeting rooms require strong acoustic systems installed, in rooms with hard services this will leave you with compromised sound quality and echo.

Video meeting rooms have hard surfaces and that can cause sound to bounce around and create echo and reverberation. Our acoustic panels will absorb and reduce these sound reflections, improving the clarity of speech and reducing distracting background noise.

Rooms with issues of high reverberation and echo, will inevitably make speech inaudible and harder to understand and ultimately takes the focus away from important aspects of the meeting being held.

The panels used in video conference are important. In video meetings, sensitive and confidential discussions will take place. Acoustic panels will help improve audio privacy by preventing sound from traveling outside the meeting room.

This is especially important in open offices where adjacent workstations or meeting areas may be in close proximity. Visiting our products page will help you in what you looking for and will help with understanding your acoustic issues. Sound absorbing panels installed in the right place will effectively absorbed sound and will lower excessive noise

Video conference room acoustics are important as there are people talking on phones or in person.

Shush Liner in video conference rooms will help as its top of the line panel and offer CLASS A acoustics. This product in particular is a fabric covered acoustic panels that is available in many colours, shapes and sizes.

Lining your walls in this area with our Shush Liner will help with your acoustics. We also suggest installing our ceiling products like Shush Raft or Shush Baffle just to add that extra bit of comfort in your video room.

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