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Soundhush innovative sound solutions supplier

Soundhush innovative sound solutions are pioneering manufacture of sound absorbing products. Acoustic panels are specialised products designed to absorb sound and improve the acoustic properties of a room or space. They are commonly used in recording studios, home theaters, offices, restaurants, and other environments where sound quality and noise control are important.

Soundhush innovative sound solutions

Soundhush innovative sound solutions provide acoustic panels solutions for areas where there is an echo, reverberation and major acoustic issues. Our solutions consist of acoustic products for walls and ceilings. With over 20 years of experience, Soundhush provides acoustic panels solutions for any space that you could think of. Big or small we are just a phone call away

Soundhush acoustic panels product range will enhance all interior environments whether traditional, modern, commercial, residential, new build or refurb. We will offer a truly cost effective solution. Our design teams are always innovating to make sure we can offer innovative sound solutions for your needs.

Our extensive skills and knowledge in the acoustic market allows us to provide functional specifications for client approval. Our in-house technicians and design teams are available to give advice and guidance on all of our product range and how to install and where are the best places for your new panels. We always strive to produce products that offer CLASS A acoustic performance as that the highest you can get. We pride ourself on our quality our lead time and most important our after sale customers support, Our after sales customers support is important to us.

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