Sports Hall acoustic panels

Impact Resistant Acoustic Panel in Sport’s Halls

Impact resistant acoustic wall panels in sports halls are not as essential in terms of communication whether they are internal or external. The sports hall design are normally rectangle and have poor acoustics.

Impact resistant acoustic wall panels are normally placed high up to take ball impacts effortlessly, please note that these panels are designed for ball impact, not for kid or adults running and slamming their body into the panel.

Our Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels placed in sports halls are the most popular for creating a pleasant sound environment and achieving good speech clarity as they offer the highest sound absorption (Class A).

Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels which are used for sports halls, sound absorption must to be of high quality in order to enhance the sound transmission and take that impact. When it comes to professional sport and sport halls our Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels advised as it does affect speech and hearing referee or umpire. Theses panels will absorb the noise and unwanted acoustics 

Sound reflection from Wall-to-wall can be perceived as disturbing which then has a negative effect on speech clarity. Acoustic wall panels are recommended for absorption on at least one of the walls. These would normally be applied as a lining to the hard surfaced wall.

Shush Impacta is the only panels for sports halls

Our acoustic panel with Class A absorption is ideal for sports halls which require good speech clarity. That is the highest sound absorption classification that can be achieved. Additional low-frequency absorption may also be necessary in some cases. Acoustic panels will provide a high quality acoustical absorption. Acoustic panels are widely used in sports halls to improve the acoustic environment and enhance communication during games. Excessive reverberation can make it difficult for players to understand and follow instructions. Acoustic panels enhance speech clarity by reducing echoes and controlling the acoustic reflections.  Our Impact Resistant Acoustic Panels have been test for impacts and passed 

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