London restaurant acoustic panels

Shush Photo – Restaurant – London

Poor acoustics is a common problem in restaurants and can lead to a poor customer experience. Whether the premises are full or empty a harsh echo can make it uncomfortable for customers. Soundhush was approached by the franchise restaurant based in London to solve the acoustic problems in the restaurant due to complaints from customers on the echo which made them feel uncomfortable from the noise which was generated from people talking, walking, using mobile phones etc.

Studies have shown that bad acoustics often leads to customers leaving sooner or in some cases is a complete deterrent. The client wanted to create a feature on the wall with an acoustic wall panels with images/photos to enhance the aesthetic as well as solve the reverberation issue. The London based franchise decided on using the Shush Photo acoustic panels to absorb the sound and create the perfect impression within the restaurant.

The Shush Photo acoustic panels were equally spread out on the walls to cover some of the hard surfaces. The client provided high resolution images of what they required and these were applied to the Shush Photo acoustic panels to solve the acoustics in the restaurant area. The result of this was customers and staff commented on that they felt very comfortable with the acoustic in the restaurant.

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