Shush Baffle™

Shush Baffle™ Acoustic Baffle has been designed to offer the ideal solution for correcting echo and reverberation in areas where vertical suspension is required.

Shush Baffle™ is a lightweight acoustic baffle manufactured from high density fibre glass with a fabric finish with excellent sound absorption characteristics. The baffles are frameless by design to offer a pleasing aesthetic alternative to the common suspended ceiling system.

Shush Baffle™ provides superb acoustic performance whilst allowing the concrete soffit to be fully exposed for energy-efficient natural cross ventilation cooling. The baffles offer a dual function of acting as solar shading by diffusing natural daylight from the reflective surface. 

With its minimalistic design finish, the Shush Baffle™ vertical acoustic baffles are ideally suited for open plan offices, schools, restaurants, corridors, atriums, reception areas and showrooms, etc.

Soundhush ®

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