Wood effect acoustic baffle

Printed suspended acoustic baffle with printed wood effect is very new on the market. We have five fabric printed wood effects available. Shush Beam acoustic Baffle is designed to offer the ideal solution for correcting echo and reverberation where required. Additionally Shush Beam is a lightweight acoustic baffle manufactured from high density fibre glass with excellent sound absorption characteristics. 

The baffles are frameless by design to offer a pleasing aesthetic alternative to the common suspended ceiling system. Furthermore Shush Beam provides superb acoustic performance. Also baffles offer a dual function of acting as solar shading by diffusing natural day light from the reflective surface. Shush Beam is fabricated on all sides and will show a fabric joint line on 3 edges of the acoustic baffle. At a fraction of the cost of real wood baffles, Shush Beam sound absorbing baffles are a great solution and offer a better sound absorption than real wood. 

Available in five printed finishes

With a fabric printed in a wood effect finish, the Shush Beam acoustic baffles are ideally suited for open plan offices, schools, restaurants, corridors, atriums, reception areas and showrooms. Also the installation method for our Shush Beam sound absorbing baffles are easy and quick. In fact, it does not require a specialist fitter to carry out the installation. Each Shush Beam acoustic baffle will be supplied with 2/3 spiral hooks for each baffle depending on the size of the baffle. The spiral hooks should be inserted approx. 150mm to 200mm from the edge of the baffle. 

These should be cork screwed into the edge of the baffle, making sure the spiral hook does not appear to the face of the baffle. 2m cable, eylet and a ceiling bullet will also be provided with the baffles. The hanging cables are adjustable so you can shorten them also adding length at your own will, by doing this you can create some unique and stylish feel regarding your new sound absorbing baffles 

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