White speckled acoustic panels only available in white

White speckled acoustic panels range is a white painted sound absorbing panel which is available as ceiling rafts & wall panels. Also Shush Solace sound absorbing range offers “CLASS A” acoustic performance which is the highest available on the market. Also ideal for areas with reflective walls and ceilings to absorb the echo and reverberation offering a more comfortable experience.

Thanks to the high technology base core material, they can be easily mounted to walls and ceilings. The panels are ideally used in areas such as community halls, schools halls, offices, village halls, class rooms, church halls and restaurants. We really like these panels as they offer great acoustic performance, and being white just makes them so stylish, offering a clean and sophisticated feel. Regarding these panels we have a wide range of sizes and shapes, you are able to create that specific design that is always required.

White speckled acoustic panels offers CLASS A performance

The installation for Shush Solace wall panels, ensure all wall surfaces to which the panel will be applied to are clean and dry. Wallpaper or any other materials should be removed. Then the panel is simply applied to the wall by using our impaling clips and Shush Bond adhesive. They not super hard to install yourself but we do advise contacting professionals.

Installation for our Shush Solace acoustic ceiling panel is quick and easy. In fact, it does not require a specialist fitter to carry out the installation. The acoustic rafts are simply suspended by steel cables from the ceiling by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted into the reverse of the raft by means of clockwise rotation. Height level adjustment can be carried out by manipulating the length of each cable to suit when it is inserted into the eyelet hook. The panels should not be installed at angles/sloped. The spiral hooks should be placed approx. 300mm in from the edge of the Shush Solace Raft. Our suspension kit includes spiral hook, 2m cable and eyelet hook. Again just a great acoustic panel range that has great acoustic properties.

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