Shush Baffle suspended sound absorbing panel

Suspended sound absorbing panel alternatively known as a Baffle. It’s a lightweight acoustic baffle manufactured from high density fibre glass with a fabric finish that offer CLASS A acoustic performance. additionally the baffles are frameless by design to offer a pleasing aesthetic alternative to normal ceiling system. furthermore sound acoustic baffles provide superb acoustic performance whilst allowing the concrete soffit to be fully exposed for energy-efficient.

Our acoustic baffle have been designed to offer the ideal solution for correcting echo and reverberation in areas where vertical suspension is required. With its minimalistic design finish, Additionally Shush Baffle vertical/horizontal acoustic baffles are ideal for open plan offices, schools, restaurants, corridors, atriums, reception areas and showrooms. Also acoustic baffles offer on a dual function of acting as solar shading by diffusing natural daylight from the reflective surface. Shush Baffle are fabricated on all sides and will show a fabric joint line on 3 edges of the baffle. 

Acoustic baffles are commonly used to improve sound control in various environments, including ceilings. They are designed to absorb sound reflections, reduce echo, and enhance speech intelligibility in large spaces or any commercial area. Acoustic baffles are effective in controlling excessive noise levels also creating a more pleasant acoustic environment. Furthermore there are many advantages to installing Suspended sound absorbing baffles as they are available in 49 colours as standard also easy and quick installation. 

Also they have outstanding acoustic properties with customisable sizes available up to 2400mm in length. One of the great things about our Shush Baffle is they come with our adjustable hanging kits. This allows you to easily adjust the height also the angle of the baffle. Letting you adjust hight and angle giving you full freedom

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