Sound absorbing desk enclosure also known as Shush WigWam

Sound absorbing desk enclosure also known as a desktop privacy panel or desktop sound enclosure, is a device designed to reduce noise and provide privacy in office or workspace settings. It typically consists of a rectangular or curved panel made of sound-absorbing materials such as polyester. Shush WigWam range is a high sound absorbing acoustic box that your computer sits in offering privacy. Also our acoustic desk boxes are often used in open office layouts where there is limited privacy.

Helping concentration, productivity, and overall comfort by mitigating the effects of nearby conversations, phone calls, or other sources of noise. Shush WigWam is cut out of polyester acoustic panel and then friction fitted together with no extra parts or glues. Additionally available in ten designs, designed to control echo and reverberation which creates a quiet place for employees. Shush WigWam acoustic desk tent core material is a compressed polyester manufactured using post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles. 

Sound absorbing desk enclosure are great for big open offices

Designed to a specific density to achieve the correct acoustic performance and are available in 12mm thickness and 16 colours. With elegant designs, you are able to create a very modern and contemporary office environment. Our Shush WigWam acoustic desk box are a simple way to design your working environment or personal space the way you like it. With 22 Standard colours to select from, be it office space or play areas we will have the right colour and design for you.

The Shush WigWam acoustic desk box are great for any space. If you really want to get fancy you are able to cut multiple panels in different colours of the same design. Frictions fitting each different colours will create a unique box. Furthermore, an acoustic desk box serves as a practical solution for creating a more secluded and acoustically controlled workspace within a larger office environment.

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