Shush Sky™

Sound absorbing ceiling tile, also known as acoustic panels or ceiling panels, are polyester designed to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels within a room or space. These tiles are commonly used in commercial buildings, offices, schools, hospitals, and other environments where noise control is important. Additionally recycled acoustic ceiling tile is an acoustic tile offers CLASS A acoustic performance. Shush Sky acoustic ceiling tile is a universally designed lightweight ceiling tile which sits inside a suspended ceiling grid system. 

The tile comes in a standard size of 600 x 600 x 12mm and 200 x 600 x 12mm thick (modular size) with a square edge and available in 22 colours. Recycled acoustic ceiling tile core material is a compressed polyester panel manufactured using post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Additionally the material is then transformed into an acoustic tile in various colours which are non-toxic and free from formaldeldehde. Indeed Shush Sky acoustic ceiling tile acoustic tile is a polyester and the range has been designed to a very specific density to achieve the correct acoustic performance. 

Sound absorbing ceiling tile are made from polyester

Furthermore realise your design potential, with a ceiling product that combines aesthetic appeal and enhanced acoustic performance. Acoustic ceiling tiles are made of polyester that absorb sound waves, reducing echoes and reverberation within a space. Also they help to control noise levels and create a more comfortable environment for occupants. Acoustic ceiling tiles are typically made from polyester, mineral fibers, fiberglass, or other sound-absorbing materials. These materials have high noise reduction coefficients (NRC) and are designed to absorb a significant amount of sound energy.

Many acoustic ceiling tiles have fire-resistant properties, making them suitable for installation in areas where fire safety regulations are a concern. Fire-resistant tiles help to prevent the spread of flames and smoke in case of a fire. Additionally some acoustic ceiling tiles come with additional features such as moisture resistance, mold and mildew resistance, and even improved thermal insulation properties. These features enhance their durability and suitability for various environments.

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