Shush Acoustic Booth™

Sound absorbing acoustic booth range is a high sound absorbing booth designed to control echo and reverberation within your space. Additionally it comes with no extra parts, Instead each piece is fitted into the next piece creating a booth or box. Also available with elegant designs, you are able to create a very modern and contemporary environment for everyone. Again the booth can be positioned moved around from been back to back, face to face or in circles this is the whole idea with the booth, it gives you flexibility.

Sound absorbing acoustic Booth core material is a compressed polyester manufactured from using post consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Furthermore if you really want to be the envy of everyone you can cut each piece out of a different colour panel and friction fit those pieces together. Our Booth are a simple way to design your space be it playful or personal you are in full control. Additionally be it office space or play areas we will have the right colour and design for you.

Our Sound absorbing acoustic Booth gives you full flexibility

Shush acoustic sound booth are great for any space as they are free standing allowing them to be moved to any location. With no extra parts and is a self assembly system anyone can construct these booths, two people will be ideal. Furthermore our acoustic Booth have been designed to a very specific density to achieve the correct acoustic performance. similarly are available in 24mm thickness and in 17 different colours. Ideal for open space that need some sort of privacy. furthermore at the fraction of construction costs, this is a great way of creating mini spaces by using them as walls. By doing this you are able to divid you office space with colour if wanted

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