Self Adhesive acoustic panel are super light weight 

Self Adhesive acoustic panel range panel with a self- adhesive backing which makes it simple and quick for installation. Also offering “CLASS A” acoustic performance. ideal for spaces with reflective surfaces to absorb the echo and reverberation in the area offering an excellent acoustic performance.

Thanks to the high technology foam base core material, can be easily mounted to surfaces to reduce noise in any area. Additionally these panels are ideally used in areas such as ,schools, offices, class rooms, church halls, restaurants and recording studios. Also a simple and quick installation for anyone. Further the panels come is in any size up to a maximum size of 2400 x 1200 with a thickness of 40mm.

Self Adhesive acoustic panel range offer CLASS A performance

Shush Stik-Fix sound absorbing panel range is an open-cell foam which ensures pleasant room acoustics. Also available in natural light grey colour or covered using  fabric with a range of 38 colours. Again these elements can be implemented into your projects, offering an attractive room design. Thanks to its versatility and super light weight, Shush Stik-Fix acoustic panel can fit in with any features. Whether used as a ceiling panel or wall panels. Shush Stik-Fix acoustic panels range allows you to design and create sizes, shape and colours to your design. With the largest sheet size of 2400 x 1200, you can have the panel to any shape in the natural light grey colour.

With the fabricated version, we can have any size within 2400 x 1200 which is cut to the size required. Also with unobtrusive colours or shapes, they contribute to a pleasant workplace atmosphere without diverting attention from more important things. Additionally they can also be used as a centrepiece or to inject a dash of colour to a room and thereby lighten the atmosphere.

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