Free standing acoustic screen are great addition to any space​

Free standing acoustic screen known as Shush Horizon is a free standing sound acoustic screen. Also the feet that the sound absorbing screen stands on are cut out of the same piece of polyester panels as the screen. Shush Horizon range is a high sound absorbing free standing acoustic screen designed to control echo and reverberation in areas with hard surfaces.

Additionally our Shush Horizon screens improve the quality of the environment and are ideal for separating open plan areas. With elegant designs, you are able to create a very modern and contemporary office environment. Furthermore Shush Horizon sound absorbing absorbs sound to eliminate echo and reverberation around the working environment. Shush Horizon core material is a compressed polyester manufactured using recycled plastic bottles. Our screens have been designed to a very specific density to achieve the correct acoustic performance and are available in 24mm thickness and in 23 different colours.

Our screens are recyclable after years of use

Also Shush Horizon acoustic screen are a simple way to design your working environment or personal space the way you like it. Also 23 Standard colours to select from, be it office space or play areas we will have the right colour and design for you. Additionally Shush Horizon acoustic screens are a great addition for any space. Furthermore Shush Horizon are fitted together with no extra parts. 

Furthermore bespoke designs available on request. Additionally we love this product as it can create private spaces within any office or space. You can select the colours and designs you would like. Look at our brochures and let us know what you like. We are able to take bespoke request regarding Shush Horizon. 

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