Acoustic panels reception areas

Acoustic panels in reception areas

Acoustic panels in reception areas are important as first impressions will always last. As all company’s first point of contact for either personal visits or phone calls is the reception area, this is why it is vital that the reception area provides a good atmosphere. The reception area should support the standards and values of the company which makes it essential that the area is welcoming for all visitors.

As the reception area is frequently telephone intensive, the acoustics in the space will need to be optimised as this will leave a large impact on speech clarity over the telephone. Therefore all reception areas require high acoustic needs to achieve the good quality noise reduction and speech clarity.

Acoustic panels come in various designs, colours, and shapes, allowing you to choose options that complement the overall aesthetics of your reception area. Our acoustic ceiling range is most desirable for this type of environment, this would provide quality sound solution for the area of concern.  


These products have Class A sound absorption so they offer the highest sound absorption results. Reception areas often have many people speak at the same time, so speech clarity is vital. To fully support a healthy working environment with respect to acoustics, for this we recommend to mount a ceiling with our acoustic products with an acoustical island above the reception desk to give maximum sound absorption.

Acoustic panels reception areas

Our acoustic wall panels can give added additional absorption on the walls making this a great way to enhance the acoustic area. Depending on the specific needs of your reception area, you can customise the placement and configuration of acoustic panels. For instance, if the reception desk is located near a particularly noisy area. You can strategically position panels to absorb sound in that direction, improving the acoustic comfort around the desk. Acoustic panels in reception areas is a must and we suggest
having both ceiling and wall acoustic panels acoustic panel system installed around your reception

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