Timber acoustic wall panels

White suspended acoustic panel control sound within any space 

White suspended acoustic panel fitted while keeping the industrial look with the ducting and concrete still visible as its a big part to the overall feel to their offices. They also wanted a CLASS A acoustic product that didn’t take up to much space and still offered great sound acoustics. Hung horizontally from the ceiling so they can be staked up which allows you to have multiple sound absorbing baffles.

This also help with the overall acoustics as sound will get trapped in-between and finally been absorbed. These particular acoustic panels are from our Shush Baffle range. They provide adequate sound absorbing whilst mitigating any aesthetic impact. As you can see, our client went with our white Shush Baffle sound absorbing ceiling panel system. Our acoustic solutions come with easy installation guides and professional advice over the phone if required.

White suspended acoustic panel offer great acoustic performance

Sound absorbing ceiling panels are commonly used in offices and commercial spaces to improve sound quality and reduce noise levels while adding extra visual essence. Our Shush Baffle are designed to absorb sound waves and minimise echo, reverberation, and overall noise within any office. In addition to sound absorption, some acoustic ceiling panels offer thermal insulation properties. They can help regulate temperature and reduce energy consumption by minimising heat transfer between different areas of the office.

The installation time for our Shush Baffle sound absorbing panels is easy and quick. In fact, it does not require a specialist fitter to carry out the installation. The acoustic baffles are simply suspended by steel cables from the ceiling by means of special spiral hooks which are fitted into the reverse of the baffle by means of clockwise rotation. Remember to consult with Soundhush specialists in sound acoustics to ensure you choose the appropriate acoustic ceiling panels for your office space. They can help determine the required NRC rating, panel quantity, and placement to achieve optimal sound control and comfort.

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