Timber Slat acoustic panels

Timber slat acoustic panels installed in new restaurant

Timber slats acoustic panels in restaurants, it’s essential to consider fire safety regulations. Consulting with a professional like Soundhush and contractor who can provide guidance on the appropriate use of timber in restaurants. Restaurants can be noisy, timber slats are used as acoustic panels to help reduce the overall noise level. Comfortable dining experience for patrons will go along way. Timber acoustic slats can be strategically positioned to create interesting patterns within the restaurant. Here they used them in a vertical orientation

Creating a dynamic and visually captivating atmosphere, especially when combined with natural light sources or carefully placed lighting fixtures. Enhancing the visual appeal of any restaurant by adding warmth, texture and natural beauty to the space. Additionally timber acoustic panels can be installed in various design styles, traditional or contemporary. Timber slats, also known as timber screens or timber louvers. Timber acoustic slat are popular and used in many restaurants or other commercial spaces. They are typically made from MDF and have a polyester backing.

Our Timber offer CLASS A acoustic performance

Additionally timber sound absorbing panel are one of the most advanced, durable and beautiful absorbing products available today for reducing echo and reverberant noise levels in many public environments. Also Shush timber slat acoustic panels not only look great but also give great sound absorbing solution. Our slats are used for walls and ceilings in applications such as offices, schools, courtrooms, auditoriums and as you see restaurants.

Furthermore Shush timber slat acoustic panels offer a combination of natural beauty with durability, versatility and excellent sound absorption. We find a lot of people are using them in their homes. They are easy to install and give any space a decorative and acoustic pleasing environment. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels are made from a Sound absorbing polyester substrate with a facing timber slat in 5 veneer finishes.

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