Timber acoustic wall panels

Timber acoustic wall panels installed in Southhampton offices

Timber acoustic wall panels are one of the most advanced, durable and beautiful absorbing products available today for reducing echo and reverberation. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels not only look great but also a good sound absorbing solution. Our timber acoustic slats are used for walls and ceilings in applications such as offices, schools, courtrooms, auditoriums, board rooms and any large spaces. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels allow for a secure installation without the added aesthetic of visible trims. Instead, each panel is manufactured to a fixed size of 2400 x 605 x 22mm and is available in 5 different timber veneers that are fixed to a black polyester panel.

The panels can be cut down or have an aperture introduced for light fittings,TV’s, doors and sockets. Using a circular saw or drill. To finish of external/internal corners, around windows or any cut panels, apply a L shape timber beading/trim to cover any raw edges. Also all finishes come on black polyester backing and are architectural elements designed to enhance sound absorption in interior spaces. 

Timber acoustic wall panels offer a sleek contemporary feel

These slats consist of narrow, linear elements that are arranged horizontally or vertically on walls or ceilings. They are often designed to be visually appealing while also providing acoustic benefits. The spacing and arrangement of the slats can be adjusted to achieve specific acoustic requirements and aesthetic preferences. Timber acoustic slats work by absorbing sound waves that enter a space, reducing echo and controlling excessive reverberation. The porous structure of the MDF and the irregular surfaces of the slats help dissipate sound energy and echos. This absorption capability improves speech intelligibility, reduces noise levels, and creates a more comfortable acoustic environment.

The choice of timber species, thickness, and finish can affect the acoustic performance and visual appearance of the slats. Different designs and installation methods may also be employed to achieve specific acoustic goals or complement the overall interior scheme. It’s worth to note that while timber acoustic slats can contribute to sound absorption, their effectiveness may vary depending on factors such as room size, shape, and other architectural features. Therefore, it is advisable to consult with acoustic professionals or experienced designers in architectural acoustics to ensure the desired acoustic performance is achieved.

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