Timber Slat acoustic panels

Sound Acoustic Timber Slats installed in restaurant

Sound Acoustic Timber Slats in restaurants, it’s essential to consider fire safety regulations and water damage. It’s recommended to consult with a professional acoustics contractor who can provide guidance on the appropriate use of timber slats. Additionally restaurants can be noisy environments with various sources of sound. Timber slats can be used as acoustic panels to help absorb and diffuse sound, improving the acoustics of your restaurant. This can contribute to a more comfortable dining experience for patrons. Again Timber slats can be strategically positioned to create interesting patterns of light and shadow within the restaurant.

Also Timber sound absorbing panels can help create a dynamic and visually captivating atmosphere, especially when combined with natural light. Or carefully placed lighting fixtures. Timber slats, also known as timber screens or timber louvers, are a popular design element used in restaurants and other commercial spaces for various purposes. They can be in stalled on the wall and ceilings, again giving great design flexibility.

Sound Acoustic Timber Slats offer CLASS A acoustic performance

Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels are one of the most durable and beautiful absorbing products available today. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels not only look great but also offer good sound absorbing solution. Our timber acoustic slats are used in applications such, schools, courtrooms, auditoriums, any large spaces. Additionally Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels offer a combination of natural beauty with versatility and excellent sound absorption. Regarding Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels they are made from MDF and Sound absorbing polyester substrate with a facing timber.

The panels are frequently used in large open spaces and personal spaces. It’s a real design for living. Additionally Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels allow for a secure installation without the added aesthetic of visible trims. Furthermore manufactured to a fixed size 2400 x 605 x 22mm and is available in 5 veneers. Similarly the panels can be cut down or have an aperture introduced for fittings, using a circular saw or drill will do the job. Furthermore to finish corners, around windows or any cut panels, use off cuts beading / trim to cover any raw edges.

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