Sound absorbing wall panels

Sound absorbing wall panels installed in this smart boardroom

Sound absorbing wall panels fitted in this London based offices. They contacted Soundhush requesting sound absorbing wall panels system for their boardroom, acoustic Shush Liner were implemented in various colours. The Shush Liner is a great product as it had our highest acoustic performance and the most fabric colours to select from, making it a fully customisable panel system as you can see they also had a TV with the panels placed around it with cut outs, Shush Liner increased the sound absorption and reduced the noise and feedback. We also provide acoustic ceiling rafts to reduce sound with minimal visual impact. Acoustics are crucial in a boardroom because the quality of the sound that is needed can significantly affect the final meeting and communications between people.

Also when fitting out this boardroom, careful attention must be paid to the acoustics of the space and when placing acoustic absorption panels you want to achieve the ultimate acoustic performance. Furthermore the size and shape of the room will impact the way sound waves interact with the space. Ideally, a boardroom should be a rectangular room with symmetrical walls and ceilings. This will help to create an even distribution of sound throughout the room.

Our sound absorbing wall panels offer CLASS A acoustic performance

Sound absorbing materials such as acoustic panels, foam tiles, Shush Baffle, Shush Liner, can be used to reduce unwanted reflections and echoes in the room. This will help to create a more controlled and precise sound.  Diffusers are used to scatter sound waves and create a more natural, diffuse sound. This can help to create a more spacious and immersive sound. Sound isolation is essential in a boardroom to prevent sound from leaking in or out of the space. Sound isolation can be achieved through the use of soundproofing materials, such as thick walls and doors, and seals around windows and other openings. The quality of sound in a boardroom can be improved with accurate monitoring.

Ensure that the sound being spoken is accurate and free from unwanted noise. Overall, careful attention to acoustics is essential when designing acoustic absorption panels system. By creating a well designed acoustic environment, Staff and visitors can ensure that the meeting can not be heard from out side, the way they intended it to be. Soundhush were really happy to help.

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