Timber Slat acoustic panels

Sound absorbing wall panel in fabric
fitted in office common kitchen

Our client required sound absorbing wall panels system for their communal kitchen. Shush Liner sound absorbing wall panel were implemented in various colours in our felt fabrics. As you can see it’s a thicker fabric. Further they knew what they wanted Wanting triangles that created a pattern in Grey, Blue and Black colours.

This is a very eye catching design and not really that hard to install. Our sound absorbing wall panel also come with our impaling spike. Screwed into the wall and then the panels is simply pressed onto the spike. Shush Liner is a great product as it has our highest acoustic performance CLASS A. Fully customisable panel system, Shush Liner increases sound absorption and reduced the noise and echo and reverberation within the space.

Sound absorbing wall panel offer CLASS A acoustic performance 

Furthermore having good acoustics in offices or any space is important as you are there whole day and having poor acoustics can make it difficult to be productive and can make you feel uncomfortable and ill. Also Shush Liner acoustic wall panels are available in standard size panels and can be manufactured in customised sizes to meet your requirement. Additionally Shush Liner sound absorbing wall panels can change the aesthetics of any room as well as making it acoustically correct. We offer a wide variety of fabric colours which come in both standard and superior fabric finishes. Again Clients are able to select fabrics of their own choice. Regarding your own fabric option, a small sample of the fabric would be required to check suitability.

NRC is a rating that indicates the effectiveness of a material in absorbing sound. Acoustic wall panels typically have high NRC ratings, Higher values indicating better sound absorption. Again Look for panels with higher NRC ratings for improved noise reduction. Also Consulting with Soundhush experts or professionals in the field can provide valuable guidance in selecting the appropriate panels for your needs.

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