Acoustic wall panels in hotel

Sound Absorbing Timber panels fitted in this brand new offices based in Manchester

This client contacted us wanting our light oak timber acoustic wall panel fitted through out their offices that they very proud of they selected the Light oak finish. Timber Slat are very easy to install all you pretty much need is a drill and you could install yourself. The MDF / Timber bit is connected to a Polyester backing, only in black for now, the polyester has a little step in it so the next panel slides under that step. So one you have all your panels fitted you don’t see any trim or join, They look great and so easy to install.

Also Timber acoustic slats for walls and ceilings are one of the most advanced, durable and beautiful absorbing products available today for reducing echo and reverberant noise levels in offices and public environments. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels not only look great but also a great sound absorbing solution. Our Shush Timber acoustic slats are used for walls and ceilings in applications such as offices and any large spaces. Shush Timber Slats acoustic panels offer a combination of natural beauty with durability, versatility and excellent sound absorption. The panels are used on walls and ceilings to create a high quality decorative and acoustic environment. Shush Timber Slat acoustic panels are made from a polyester substrate with a facing timber MDF slat in 5 finishes.

Sound Absorbing Timber Panels offer CLASS A acoustic performance 

Frequently used in areas such as large open spaces, right down to personal rooms, it’s a real design for living. The panels are used extensively in schools, universities, theatres, leisure centres, concerts halls, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, hotels and other areas where sound absorption is required. MDF is a popular choice for acoustic panels due to its uniformity, stability, and cost-effectiveness. However, it’s important to note that the acoustic performance of MDF panels can vary based on the specific design, treatment, and installation details. Consulting with Soundhush experts experienced in room acoustics can help ensure the best results for your particular application. MDF is an engineered wood product made from wood Fibers, combined with resin and wax, and compressed under high pressure. It is a versatile material commonly used in various applications, including furniture, cabinetry, flooring, and yes, even acoustic panels.

The thickness and density of MDF panels influence their sound absorption capabilities. Thicker panels and higher-density MDF tend to provide better low-frequency absorption. However, the optimal thickness and density depend on the specific application and desired acoustic goals. The design of MDF acoustic panels is crucial for their acoustic performance.

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