Sound acoustic grid system

Sound absorbing grid system installed in brand new offices

Sound absorbing grid system used in architectural and interior design applications to improve sound acoustic performance. Installed around the lights making this real feature to these brand new London based offices. As you can see this worked really well and just look great. It’s going to be the real hero in the office. Our grids are made from polyester. Our grid range is a high sound absorbing suspended acoustic grid designed to control any echo and reverberation.

Furthermore our sound absorbing grid’s core material is a compressed polyester manufactured using post-consumer recycled polyester from plastic bottles. Also the grids have been designed to a very specific density to achieve the correct acoustic performance and are available in 12mm thickness and in 17 different colours. Our acoustic grids are a simple way to design your working environment or personal space the way you like it.

sound absorbing grid system installed in black offering a sleek contemporary look

Again, with standard in-house designs to select from, be it office space or play areas we will have the right colour and design for you. Also making our sound acoustic grid’s great for any space. The grids come with our suspension kits. Bespoke designs available on request. The primary purpose of polyester acoustic grids is to reduce echo, reverberation, and background noise in a space, improving the overall sound quality and intelligibility.

They are commonly used in areas where sound control is important, such as offices, recording studios, conference rooms and other commercial or public spaces that need good sound control and a dash of colour and texture. Furthermore polyester is chosen as the material for these grids due to its sound absorbing properties and durability. Additionally polyester acoustic grids provide an effective solution for controlling sound in various environments, contributing to improved acoustic comfort and better communication.

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