Acoustic photo rafts

Shush Raft – Office – London

Sound Hush Acoustic Products have completed the installation of sound absorbing suspended rafts in a busy traffic office environment in London. The client wanted to create of feature and selected “grass” effect prints which were printed and applied to our Shush Rafts acoustic rafts. Working in open plan offices needs you to have fine speech clarity over shorter distances whilst also limiting the sound from spreading over longer distances. It is vital to have short sound propagation in the room for open plan offices.

For this, acoustic ceilings such as our ShushRaft acoustic suspended rafts with high absorption class (class A) is highly recommended, in order to achieve the lowest sound propagation, assist with speech clarity and lessen the sound level in the room. This provided the London client with excellent sound absorption throughout the offices and staircases in this modern London building. The acoustic panels were suspended evenly to make sure sound is absorb in various areas.

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