School classroom acoustic wall panels

Shush Liner – School Classroom

School acoustic panels are places where learning and development take place. Being able to concentrate and hear the speaker with clarity is essential. This classroom was very reverberant due to the hard floors, walls, and ceiling.

With poor schools acoustics, a teacher’s job can be made even more difficult, so schools acoustics is an essential factor to secure it. Acoustic wall panels help to fix where an echo and reverberation problem.

Benefits of School Acoustic panels:

  • Effective sound protection
  • .

  • Enhance student learning
  • Appealing aesthetics.

SoundHush provided an School acoustic panels design solution by adding Shush Liner acoustic wall panels, in prominent colours, to the adjoining two walls to provide insulation and absorption, so that the tutor’s voice could comfortably reach the back of the classroom with minimum disruption from external and internal noise.

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