Acoustic wall panels for lecture theatre

Shush Liner – Lecture Hall – Cardiff

Very poor acoustics in the school environment are the most distracting issues we often come across. If it is a teacher in a lecture hall or a gymnasium, presenting to small group of students or large audience, high reverberation and echo leads to poor acoustics. This can be resolved by using acoustic wall panels.

Soundhush were approached by the client for a solution to the lecture hall which was presenting a very high echo when the lecturers were presenting to the students. Soundhush visited the lecture hall and recommended sound absorbing fabric faced wall panels to achieve a high level of absorption (Class A). A combination of panels to the side and rear wall resulted in effective communications, increased concentration between lecturers and students.

The Shush Liner acoustic wall panels which were used not only solved the acoustics issue but also created an aesthetically decorative wall.

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