Timber Slat acoustic panels

Shush Liner sound absorbing wall panel installed at BBC 5 Live Manchester

Shush Liner sound absorbing wall panels installed in a small to medium sized Radio station studio area. BBC 5 Live required sound absorption panels within their studio. They went with our Shush Liner wall panel. Providing clarity to the Studio as well as enhanced the visual aspects of the Studio. They wanted a the whole wall covered with acoustic panels slotted behind the TV’s. acoustic wall panels are a common feature in radio stations to enhance sound quality and sound been transmitted out. These panels help in reducing echoes, minimising background noise, and creating a more controlled acoustic environment.

Soundhush sound acoustic panels are available in a range of colours and are used commonly in in large spaces to improve the acoustics. Acoustic wall panels can be an excellent addition to radio stations to enhance the sound quality within the space. Radio stations often have tight spaces, hard surfaces, and sound bounce around in these tight spaces, which can lead to issues with echo, reverberation, and poor speech intelligibility. Acoustic wall panels can help mitigate these problems by absorbing sound energy and reducing unwanted reflections. Our shush liner Acoustic wall panels absorb excessive reverberation, allowing the spoken word and music to be clearer and more intelligible.

Our Shush Liner sound acoustic wall panels offer CLASS A acoustic performance

This is particularly important during interview, live music, or any spoken promotions & presentations. Proper acoustics are crucial for interview and music. acoustic absorption panels can help reduce echo and enhance the sound quality of musical instruments and vocals, allowing the guests to enjoy a more balanced and immersive experience. Radio stations can be busy places with various activities, including social gatherings for interviews, rehearsals, and meetings. Acoustic panels help to minimise noise distractions by absorbing sound waves, improving the overall acoustic environment.

Identify the areas within the studio that would benefit the most from acoustic treatment. These typically include areas near corners of the room as sound just bounces all over the place, and other areas where speech and music are prominent. The appropriate number and size of panels needed to effectively address the acoustic issues in the identified areas. Shush Liner Bespoke system allows for a secure installation of Shush Liner acoustic soundproofing panels come without the added visible trims. Instead, each panel is custom manufactured to the size required and the fabric is wrapped around all 4 edges. The panel is simply bonded to the wall by using our impaling clips and ShushBond adhesive. Our impaling clips & ShushBond contact adhesive make light work of installations – Whether your applying panels to concrete, masonry, wood, plaster, or metal. Our Impaling clips are available in 2 different depths to accommodate both panel thicknesses. The correct clips & quantities will be included with your order, whatever the thickness.

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