Timber acoustic wall panels

Impact resistant acoustic panels fitted in sports hall in Blue, Green and Grey

There are no hard and fast rules on the colours used in sports halls. The important thing is to avoid white. Badminton shuttles are very hard to see against a white background and we would recommend a contrasting non-distracting colour. Additionally when it comes to active sport halls you have objects flying around and multiple people screaming & shouting. Also our Shush Impacta sound acoustic wall panels are designed to provide excellent sound absorption performance and can take a hard impacts. The fabric & core board are developed to withstand impacts in halls and other similar areas.

Shush Impacta acoustic wall panels have been tested for sports halls, games halls and schools. Again tested for safety against ball throwing and are certified to DIN 18032-3: 1997-04. Also Shush Impacta acoustic wall panels are available in multiple standard size panels and can be manufactured in customised sizes to meet your requirement.

Impact Resistant acoustic panels offer CLASS A acoustic performance

Furthermore a combination of the durable fabric and high density fibreglass core make these panel a durable and impact resistant acoustic wall panel while offering CLASS A acoustics. Also Shush Impacta acoustic wall panels offer an impact resistant surface for areas where an element of impact resistance and durability is required. Shush Impacta acoustic absorption panels are a rigid and durable acoustic panel manufactured from fibreglass. Soundhush were able to provide acoustic wall panels to this school’s sports hall with an echo problem and reverberation issues.

The staff and children were always being distracted with high levels of sharp sounds. Our acoustic absorption panels were installed in a three colours which give good contrast within this sports hall. Again the results for the acoustic issues in this sports hall were solved. Further Sound acoustics in sports halls are an important consideration as excessive noise levels can make it difficult for athletes to communicate and concentrate on their activities. In addition poor acoustics can make it challenging for coaches to give instructions and can negatively impact spectators’ enjoyment of events. Again proper sound acoustics can improve the overall experience for everyone involved.

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