Meeting room acoustic baffles

Shush Baffles horizontal acoustic ceiling panels installed in recessed ceiling  offering a comfortable environment

Shush Baffle horizontal acoustic ceiling panels were installed in new offices with sound issues. We Soundhush provided a horizontal ceiling solution for absorbing sound in this offices. Our Shush Baffle fabric covered ceiling panels which are a sound absorbing ceiling panel that offers Class A acoustic performance. Suspended in rows close to the ceiling in black, providing excellent acoustic performance. The results of the acoustic ceiling baffles were both a sleek contemporary look and superb absorption, reducing echoes and reverberation. Shush Baffle sound absorbing panel has been utilised in many Offices, Restaurants and other spaces around the country, it provides superior sound absorption.

By contacting Soundhush acoustic team or visit our dedicated acoustic Shush Baffle sound absorbing panels page to view the specifications. Sound absorbing ceiling panels known as baffles will be a valuable addition to new offices to improve the overall acoustic environment and enhance the working experience for staff. These acoustic panels are designed to absorb sound waves, reducing noise levels and minimising echoes and reverberation within the space. By incorporating acoustic ceiling panels into your office design, you can create a more pleasant environment for your staff, improve speech intelligibility, and enhance their overall working experience.

Horizontal acoustic ceiling panels offer CLASS A acoustic performance

Horizontal acoustic ceiling panels come in various shapes, allowing you to choose options that match the aesthetic of your store. Whether you prefer discreet panels that blend into the ceiling or more visually striking designs and colours that add a decorative element, you can find options that complement your office. Noise can make it difficult for people to have conversations and understand each other. Acoustic panels help improve speech clarity by minimising sound reflections and reverberations. This can lead to better communication and productivity.

offices are lively and noisy environments, especially during a long day. By installing horizontal acoustic ceiling panels, you can mitigate the noise levels and create a more comfortable atmosphere for your staff. These panels absorb sound energy, reducing the overall noise and creating a office.

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