Shush Soften™

Shush Soften™ 3D Acoustic Panels are designed for all round purpose that not only functions as sound absorbing panels but gives a very sassy modern look for any interior design.

Shush Soften 3D Acoustic Panels can be used for any interior design. This unique product is remarkably eye-catching whilst delivering great sound absorbing performance.

Shush Soften particular detail to design makes it convenient to all adornments. The various ranges and specific design to detail gives it that uniqueness to accompany any room designed for whatever purpose you require.

This top of the range Shush soften acoustic panel with its Class A sound absorption reduces noise frequency and gives any room that extra zestful look.

The core material use for the Shush Soften range of panels is 100% polyester. Manufactured without solvents or other chemicals. The material is completely recyclable.

Soundhush ®

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