Shush Core™

Shush Core™ Acoustic Panel is a high quality sound absorbing fiberglass core panel. The fiberglass core is designed as a screen inner lining or wall panel lining to control reverberant noise in areas with hard surfaces.

Shush Core™ Acoustic Panel improves the quality of the workplace environment due to the products ability to absorb echo and reverberation. Optional fabric finish which is available in a vast range of fabric colours which can be applied to the face.

The acoustic fiberglass core is extensively used in schools, offices, restaurants, studios, sports and community halls and meeting rooms. The list is endless.

Shush Core™ Acoustic Panel core is available in standard size panels and can be manufactured in customised sizes to meet your requirement. The largest panel available is 2700x1200mm in 25mm or 40mm thickness.

Soundhush ®

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