Shush Stik-Fix™

Shush Stik-Fix™ is a sound absorbing wall and ceiling panel with a self- adhesive backing which makes it simple and quick for installation. It offers “CLASS A” acoustic performance.

Shush Stik-Fix™ is ideal for areas with reflective walls and ceilings to absorb the echo and reverberation in the area offering a excellent acoustic performance.

Thanks to the high technology foam base core material, the Shush Stik-Fix™ can be easily mounted to walls and ceilings to reduce the reverberation in any area.

The panels are ideally used in areas such as community halls, schools, offices, village halls, class rooms, church halls, restaurants etc.

A simple and quick installation for anyone. The panels come is in any size up to a maximum size of 2400 x 1200 with a thickness of 40mm.

Soundhush ®

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